Monday, 22 March 2010

Flowermouse Into The World


I can´t say how happy I am to be featured in this book of European polymer clay artists. I even made the front cover with my purple seaurchin.
This is a very big thing for me and I thank Anke Humpert and Martina Weller for this. You can buy the book here. And read about it in Ankes blog here.

They have done a really impressive job with this book. All the photos were shown in Baltimore for their Synergy Conference.

It´s lovely to know that Europe is on the polymer clay map.

And there´s more. The french blog Parole de Pâte featured my work and I got a lot of comments on the article.

Thank you so much for the credit. It´s such a great inspiration to know that others like what I do.

I´m always looking into this blog. Here you can find tutorials, intervjues with artists and I love that every level is represented.

You don´t have to be a big artist to be good enough for this blog.

Thank you to all the french clayers who made this blog what it is. And if you don´t understand french use Google translater. It works so you understand the articles.


  1. Congratulations Lone!! That is so wonderful! Your sea urchin is FANTASTIC!! :)))

  2. Congratulations, well done you!

  3. Thank you WonderfulWire!!

    Thank you Marie!!!

  4. Congratulations. Glad to see your lovely work is getting shown off.

  5. Congratulations from all my heart! You are first and best in the Norway, jippi!)))

  6. Thank you for posting this flowermouse...;-)) Wait till you see the book, I am sure you will love it...;-))
    Hugs from Germany!

  7. Lone!!!! I found you!it's Ary (Flickr)..well done, my most sincere congratulations!!!!!!
    Well deserved,girl!You are talented and a gorgeous lady..You write that you don't need to be a big artist to be featured in that blog, but..what exactly defines an artist?Their heart, I guess..beyond the subtle line.
    And you have a big one. Go girl!! :)

  8. Thank you Mila...!!!
    Thank you Anke - can´t wait!!
    Thank you Ary - so nice of you. I´m touched!!! And now I found your blog too!!!!!!


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