Saturday, 20 March 2010

My Knitted Cat

I actually love this sweater - or the pattern. I had all this yarn lying around and wanted to use it for this sweater. I´ve made about 100 sweaters before so I never thought this should turn out totally different than all the others.

The pattern is from the 90s by the norwegian brand Rauma. The 90s was the time when sweaters were suppose to be BIG!

So I knitted a size or two too big, and knitted too loose and ended up with a sweater looking more like a tent.

So I had to put in the washing machine to shrink it. And it came out great.

But it´s not too small now - it´s a very varm and funny sweater. So all the work wasn´t in vain.

All this made me think about sizes. They are NOT what they used to be. Size M in the 90s is now size XL or XXL.

All to make normal people feel bad. And maybe the people selling diet products are sponsers of those making clothes?

Anyway, normal bodies are out. We have to look like straws only eating an apple a week. How sick is it to tell people that they are not good enough just because they don´t fit the too small clothes in the shops? And to show us every day that we should be really thin to be successful and accepted.

That´s just a way to put us all down. Who really look like the ideal woman without beeing sick or beeing fixed in photoshop?

So my new sweater is going to give me great joy. I can sit inside the sweater and sence the warm feeling of something I made. And I didn´t had to be humiliated in a shop. So ladies - go out and show who you are. You are more than good enough as you are. Don´t ever let anyone tell you the opposite. That would be a big lie. 


  1. I agree with you Lone! It is a wonderful sweater!!!

  2. I agree too. Life is about who you are and what you do not being a fashion model.

    What a fun jumper I am sure you will feel great wearing it knowing that you made it yourself.
    So the next one will it be an adaptation of the pattern to be mice ;)

  3. Thank you Alenka!!!

    Thank you Cara - yes a mice sweater would be optimal. Let me know if you see a pattern...

  4. it is really cool, i like it very much!

    i'm agree with you about sizes, we don't know who rules the world but it isn't us!!
    Doesn't matter if sizes are smaller than yesterday, feel good with family, work and life.
    We need to feed for living, and cooking is love from mothers to their children from night of times!!!

    We don't need to change, if younger want it is sad but that's life!
    But it will take time to make desapear the love of good feeding and cooking!

    Bye bye!

  5. Oi! This is big problem for me to find small size of jeans here in Norway, means it I should eat much more to be treated better in this place?))))) And seriousely, all my cloths which I have knitted during many years was made with using official patterns just for inspirations, size and counting of loops was absolutely different, passing perfect to my body of for my relatives bodies (I counted all self)... May be that is why we wear this cloths now also))) And I love your cats! Made you this with knitting-mashine or just with needls?

  6. Thank you for your comments. So nice to hear from you!!!

    Mila@ This is totally made by hand and needles. It´s Rauma yarn (from Husfliden) and the pattern called "Snodige katter".

  7. I am overimpressed of your great work, bravo! Usually I buy Sandnes Garn - factory is closer and shops are full of good colores. I love norwegian yarn, so good quality!

  8. OMG! What a funny sweater! :)))
    How many hours you need for that????

  9. Mila - I hope you post some of your knitting. I´m a big fan of norwegian yarn myself!!

    Thank you Antje. I haven´t been counting the hours. But it´s a lot due to all the pattern on it. It also depends on how often you have the time to knit. So just get started!! LOL!!

  10. What a fun sweater! Size and age is but a number and means very little. As long as you are happy,healthy as can be then you are just the right age and size :-D


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