Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mice On Their Way

These mice are going to show themselves to the world. They will be at the exhibition today.

I´ve made them over some time and they always gives me great joy. Where I live there are not many people wanting to wear them. So I mostly make them for myself. That doesn´t matter - I love it.

The mice are my own design and I´m very happy about it. I have something I made. I think a lot of what people do of creative work always get jugded by ones who claim to know about "real" art.

Well, I think all creative work do something to the one making it. And to all of us around. So don´t bother listen to people trying to put down what you made with their "this is not art" stamp. Keep up all your creativity and let yourself have fun.


  1. I love your mice, they always make me smile when I see them!
    I hope they enjoy their exhibition - where is it?

  2. Thank you so much. The exhibition is in Kristiansand in Norway. It´s a private exhibition but scary anyway....

  3. They look great! I'm sure they'll have a blast at the exhibition!

  4. I too love your mice!!! They are so colorful and unique and the most important; anyone can see they're made with love. I would very much enjoy wearing them.(Maybe we could make a swap some day.) Kisses to you and your lovely mice!!!


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