Sunday, 7 March 2010

Tulips For Spring

The sun is really here to melt away the snow and all bad feelings from the frost. It gives that feeling of all frozen thoughts also are melting. I got so inspired of all the drops of melting snow that I came up with this necklace.

I love tulips and this reminds me of a big bouquet of them in a vase. Now I can wear this necklace and enjoy all the sunbeams which are warming up all the hope we need to have.

The hope for the future, tomorrow and for all our dreams to come true.

And if there´s no sun where you are right now: Picture yourself sitting outside on a bench enjoying the sunbeams.

Close your eyes and let your dreams be melted out of the iceblocks inside you.

Dreams can come true if you let them.


  1. I love your inspiring words and colors!

  2. Hi Lone, I don`t know that you are a blogger too! Thank you for visiting mine..... :)
    By the way.... your tulips are amazing!

  3. Thank you Antje!! I´m glad you found me!!

  4. How lovely and colorful! I can feel spring just by looking your lovely necklace! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a beautiful creation. I love the colors you have chosen and tulips are such a favorite of mine. I also love your "sunny disposition".


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