Sunday, 11 April 2010

Free As A Bird

These polymer clay birds are not just birds. They have the word "bird" in different language on them. Exept the one with my name on it.

Chim (vietnamese), Éan (irish), Bird (english), Fugl (norwegian, danish), Vögel (german), Adar (welsh), Ptaki (polish), Ndege (swahili), Aves (latin, spanish, italian), Ptika (croatian), Eun (scottish).

I wanted to celebrate the spring, the sun and the hope of warmer days. Days to feel free, get sunshine on the face and enjoy a meal outside.

Long evenings listening to the birds singing is the ultimate feeling of freedom and peace.

It´s really not the huge and expencive things that make us happy. It´s the little things everyday.

The days that passes by is in fact life. And it´s up to us to use it in a good way.

Thank you Nevenka for your lovely article about this necklace on your blog.


  1. I think this is one of most delightful creations of this spring!

  2. Thank you Mila - you´re always so kind!!

  3. Yayy for spring, we have already eaten out a few times. Your birds created sunny days :-D

  4. Oh Fabulous!! A delightful combination of birds, words, and clay.
    Lovely, well done you!!!
    Have a GREAT week!

  5. Thank you Inger!!
    Thank you Marie - have a lovely week!!
    Thank you zabica!!

  6. Love your bird necklace. A slice of rainbow!

  7. Hi! I found your blog from a link on the MagicLoveCrow blog. I just wanted to say that I think your use of color is stunning and your work is beautiful!


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