Saturday, 10 April 2010

Minimice With A Touch

Working with some other things I realized I had some leftovers from a rainbow cane I made a while ago. So I made these three little mice.

They are stringed on fabric together with a vial filled with small glass beads and a prayerbox in sterling silver.

It´s strange because there are so much beauty in little things. All the left overs just waiting to become something beautiful.

There are in fact something beautiful in everything and everyone - it´s up to us to see it.

Like a walk in the forrest: You can decide to see all the trees or you can see all the details making the trees.

If we meet other people seeing who they really are - we become richer and the people happier.
Isn´t that just wonderful??

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  1. I love your combination with fabric, it looks so cosy :-)


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