Friday, 30 April 2010

From A Box Of Heaven

First time I made these pods I sort of found the meaning with polymer clay for me. The great artist Donna Kato made a tutorial for the cane for these beads. And I was so happy when I managed to make them. In fact I´ll never get bored when I´m making these beads.

And people seem to be fascinated by them. It must be the colors, the shapes or just the fact that this is something new in Norway.

I have this box where I put the sanded and polished beads and sometimes I can just take off the lid and look at the beads. I actually made them and I´m so happy and thankfull that I can.

Sometimes we get really hung up on what we want to do or to be. And most of these things don´t mean anything other than to show that we´re well off or successful.

Maybe we need to be thankful for what we actually can and what we have. Sort of see the heaven in the small things.

I do that in these beads. Every bead remind me that there can be beauty in small things.

It´s just a matter of perspective.

Find your "bead" today and enjoy it big time.


  1. I know what you mean...I usually do my claying late at night and put the beads in the oven before I go to bed. As soon as I wake up I have to go look at them. And then I have trouble resisting sanding at least one of each kind to see what they look like polished. And then I'm late for work...

  2. Thank you for sharing this - I´m glad you find such joy in your work!!!

  3. So nice post you wrote, I can just join your opinion. And need to admite - people could be thankful not for the new technick or shapes only but for good meeting too. I am thankful for the meeting with wonderful material - polymer clay, for the meetings with wonderful people - like you or Becca or other friendly professionals... Thank you againe!

  4. Thank you Lone to remind all of us to be gratefull and to remind us, that we can find joy in small things! Anyway, happines is within us, we just have to recognize that! Big hug for you!

  5. Thank you Mila, for sharing this. I´m blessed to know you!!

    Thank you zabica67 - I loved to meet you in Nottingham last year!!!


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