Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Turquoise With Sea Urchins

Last year I custom made one of those sea urchins. Now more people want this rather strange colored creature. They are made of polymer clay. Some of the beads are added small glass beads.

I actually ordered real sea urchins from Florida to make copies of them. They are not easy to come by in Norway.

I love making them. And I like the fact that you can wear something that would be too fragile if they were real. Tina Holden has a tutorial on how you can make these. I make them in a little other way than she does but the result is the same.

One of the best things I know is to walk along a seashore looking for small treasures. And when I find something special it feels like I have found gold.

 And that´s the thing: There are always small treasures everywhere. Especially in people.

If we use as much time to find the nice things as we do finding the negative ones, we´ll always find something good.

Let´s go looking for the good things!! Write a comment and let everyone know what you´ve found.


  1. I love these Lone. They are really beautiful.
    This was a very nice post and another reminder to myself to stay on the positive side of life. Seems to be a theme today. Thank you.
    I love treasures on the beach too.

  2. Thank you so much Marie!! I know - we need this reminder every day. I´m glad you like it!! Take care dear!!

  3. Lone, your new necklace is full of warm feelings and is like summer song! I love your sea urchin pendant very much! And I was always wonder why on the next iseland are some living small sea urchins and nobody can catch one as a sample (I asked husband and he is promising to to it for me 2 years))))) And onse I saw urchin shell in hobby-shop, but I was too stupid to not buy it:-( So I see one way - to make it self like you))) I will waite for your new creations with florida-molds impatientelly!

  4. Not only do I love the way you made the sea urchins, but the bead stacking embellishments make these pieces absolutely delightful!! Gorgeous all the way around!

  5. Thank you Mila - maybe we should go to Florida...

    Thank you wonderfulWire!!!


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