Thursday, 8 April 2010

Happy In A Scarf

You can never go wrong it you´re just yourself. Sometimes I get hung up on how I think things must be.

But lately I´ve started to undo that kind of thinking. So I made this scarf of a lot of different patterns and colors.

Just to try out how fantastic it is to just do what I like.

I challenged myself to not knit the same pattern twice. It was so much fun, easy and it didn´t take much time.

I´ve used patterns from old knittingprojects I have, patterns online and things I just made myself.

So, don´t ever let anyone tell you that you can´t. Whatever it is. There are no limits. We grow if we think outside the box.

And the box is really a place we and others has put us to controll everything.

Let the spring in your life take over, step outside the box and enjoy your own colors.

Remember this: You´re good enough as you are.

This seahorse in my scarf is from the free mittens pattern from Tori Seierstad. Thank you Tori for sharing this lovely creature.


  1. wonderful post - and a wonderful challenge to yourself... i love that - not using the same pattern twice... and that you are learning to be true to yourself - everything you do is so much more imbued with meaning and energy when it comes from within... beautiful!

  2. Everything you said is SO TRUE!!! When I've learned that you have to be truth (or faithful) to your self a whole new world opened to me! People who are trying to force you to think the way they think don't really care about you but just about themselves! And like you said: if you want a progress just think outside the box!
    The scarf is wonderful! So live and optimistic!

  3. Thank you Maja!!
    I´m so happy to hear that you are true to yourself!! Hope you´re having a lovely life!!!

  4. A very superb scarf :-D Long live the freedom to be free!


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