Sunday, 18 April 2010

Wolly casual with polymer

I got the idea for this casual necklace from Naama Zamirs tutorial. I needle felted this wolly rope I bought and now I have an easy made necklace which actually looks great on.

It´s sometimes strange about the things that just comes to mind and ends up in jewelry like this. I love making jewelry that are not all planed to small detail.

And thats the great thing about polymer clay: You can make anything and whatever people think of it it´s your creation. How great is that?

I call it freedom to create. And freedom to have your own opinion about what you think is nice.


  1. there is nothing like the freedom of creating - thinking of something and being able to execute it... i really love your new necklace!

  2. It looks really great! Ethnic shiny look, very lovely work :-)


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