Thursday, 20 May 2010

Peanuts Gone For Jewelry

What is it about nuts? I love making them in polymer clay like these peanuts. I think it´s about the form, the texture and the fact that you can make them look so real with polymer clay.

And inside you´ll find lovely nuts. At least in the real ones.

It was a bit hard to get the mould right for these. But I think the nuts came out nice. The ring is rather large, but I like large jewelry.

I´ve never cared much about department store jewelry.

The fact that one piece is made in millions for people to wear all over the world seem boring to me.

I´m more into jewelry that are not typical. That surprise me and make me think outside the box.

Just like meeting a lot of people trying to be the same with this invite: Come as you are and become like us!

It´s much better beeing with people who are themselves as they are. They make you relax and feel good. Then you can be yourself as well. Freedom in a nutshell - maybe a peanut.

Take care - and have a lovely day.


  1. OH, how funny Lone. Somtimes I feel like a nut!!!
    These are so cute.
    Thanks for the lovely post today and have a great day.
    Love and hugs.

  2. I love these peanuts. I also tend to march to my own drummer when it comes to jewelry. Hope you have a great week. Take care, Susan.

  3. Hi-hiii, so funny! You have always so great ideas!

  4. Thank you Marie!! Big hugs!!
    Thank you Susan - wish you a great weekend too!!
    Thank you Mila!!


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