Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mice Dressed In A Rainbow

It´s the second time I make this necklace. The first one came to life when I first started working with polymer clay. Now I made my rainbow mice with texture ala Bettina Welker which you can find in her book.

Thank you to dear Marie for her article about this necklace. Check out her blog here.

I loved making this so much. I spent hours texturing and trying to find a way to get the mice as I wanted.

I wish I had a little more luck with the painting. BUT that don´t really mean anything.

It´s the journey, the feeling of creating, seeing it all come together and enjoy it. And not to be concerned about what it all end up with.

Not anyone can take away the joy you´ve had.

I could nearly feel the smell of spring rain, the sun coming out and dry it all up and the nice touch of summer on the way.

Well, if that isn´t the best I don´t know what is.


  1. What's the trouble with painting? They look wonderful to me...The only trouble with painting is that my hands are filthy ALL the time because I will put my hands in it!

  2. Thank you Claire!!
    I don´t think I get the painting even enough. I paint it all and wipe off the excess.

  3. Your mice are lovely! And I am completely with you on the joys of polymer clay - it's the most amazing medium to work with, and I love finding and giving life to the characters that live within a flat block of clay :) I never use paint when making models - I paint with clay instead - there are so many amazing colours and effects you can achieve without needing anything else. Good luck!!

  4. Thank you Quernus!! The items are not painted but in the color of the clay. It´s the texture which is highlighted with paint...

  5. Came over from Marie's blog---I *LUV* your mice!!! They are outstanding and the color is just plain knock your socks off!
    Excellent..... :)


  6. Hopped over from Marie...so cute-cute!

  7. Came by from Marie's blog!! love, love these!!

  8. i also came from Marie her blog :-) they are sooooooooo cute!

  9. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!! And thank you for your kind words!!!

  10. I love the etched ones! See you in 3 weeks at Nottingham?

  11. Thank you!! I´m not going this year sadly! Wish you a lot of claying and fun. I envy you!!!

  12. Very fun! Polymer clay keeps us happy! Got here from Marie! Keep up the colors!

  13. One of the nicest chains I saw ever in my life!

  14. Hello Lone

    I'm participating in a challenge...100 Happy Days where I have to find something every day that makes me happy. I love your mice and I was wondering if I could post a picture of your mice on my blog for one of my days......http://mytategallery.blogspot.com
    I would reference your blog so people could find you.


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