Friday, 14 May 2010

Seahorse For A New Home

This guy is swimming away for his new home. I enjoyed making him so much. He came to life from polymer clay between my hands. And sometimes I get so fascinated about what you can do with this medium. There are no limits.

It´s really something to be able to create whatever it is. I´m pretty sure that creating keeps the mind going in a positive way. It gives hope, joy and you find a new site of yourself for everyone to see.

I honor my ability to create every day. I´m so thankful that I found polymer clay. And it´s always the little things that matter. This seahorse made me see that. And the girl ordering the seahorse was so happy with it.

Find a little thing to be happy about every day. Write them down - and after a while you´ll see that you have a lot more good in your life than you thought. Take care - and have a lovely day.


  1. Beautiful piece and words Lone. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you dear Marie!! Wish you a great weekend too!!

  3. I love to read your storie not less then to see your creations! to learn more about author is so interesting, I am witing for it every day :-) And thank you againe for your links, yesterday I received first packadge from Kristiansand!

  4. Thank you Mila - I´m happy to know you!!
    And I´m happy you´ll soon get your mould stuff. Can´t wait to see your creations!!!


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