Thursday, 10 June 2010

Flying In Purple

This purple color is great - bright and clear. But I can´t remember how I mixed it. I was just playing around with the clay and there it was: The color purple. 

I envy all those who systematicly write down everything they do to remember it. Who makes a lot of colorchips and notes to keep track of every color they blend or project they do. I´ve tried - but I get so bored.

So I found out that I can´t be everyone else. I blend colors and can´t remember how I did it after a while. So what? Nothing wrong with that. So I can just fly around in my purple and enjoy every minute of it. Because there are not a color like it. Not in my clay box anyway.

Let´s fly around in our own colors. You can´t copy anyone else. You are you. And your color is what it´s suppose to be. Bright, clear and beautiful. No matter how it was made.

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