Sunday, 13 June 2010

Smaller Sea Urchins Goes For Silver

These small polymer clay sea urchins is a custom order. They are supposed to be used with silver chains, long or short. It´s really a great idea to find a form you like and make it in various colors. Despite the form is the same - the jewelry has it´s own expression.

It fascinates me that a creature from the sea (or at least it´s home) is so beautiful and decorative. You can use it for jewelry or whatever you prefer. Polymer clay makes it even more fantastic - you can create an exact copy of the sea urchin.

See the tutorial for how I make the sea urchins here.

It´s really a gift to be able to create. For many years I´ve always wanted to draw or paint. But that´s not something for me - it just don´t work.

But I found out that instead of longing for something I couldn´t do I honor the gift I have now. And it´s so satisfying to create something - no matter what it is. It´s about beeing happy for what we got.

If we spent a lot of time chasing whatever we want we miss being happy for what we actually got.


  1. So nice and funny? absolutelly summer thing!))) How big they are?

  2. Hi Mila
    Thank you. They are about 4cm long and about 3.5cm wide!

  3. These are LOVELY! And the tutorial is great too, thankyou for sharing your technique! (You mention the quality of Fimo...the few occasions I've used polymer clay, I've found Sculpey to be a better all-rounder, I'm sure you know it).

  4. Thank you Fluxplay - yes I´m starting to change brand so Sculpey is up!!!


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