Saturday, 26 June 2010

Gallery Mice In Black And White

This necklace went for a challenge in the american magazine PolymerCafé last year. No place in the top of all the contributions. But no problem about that. They made it to the gallery in this June issue. And that´s really huge to me.

It may seem simple but I worked some time with the idea and the design on these to get them as I wanted. I kind of like these fellows. And I like the way they came out. It was fun to sent off the photo to the magazine and very exciting.

As far as I know Norway has never been mentioned in the magazine. Some times it´s lovely to make a footprint from this corner of the world. Every footprint count - so don´t ever hesitate to do what you want.

I like this magazine - the only one about polymer clay in the world. It´s for every level packed with tutorials, articles about the medium and loads of adds for different tools and stuff. I always enjoy getting it in the mail. Check it out here.


  1. Congratulations, Lone! I understand this is too late to subscribe and get one magazine with photo of your work, but I hope you will put this page to your blog soon:-) And I think your ing-jang mouses are very very interesting!

  2. For me it is a winner! And congratulations for making it to the gallery this year!

  3. Thank you Mila!!!

    Thank you Maja!!:-)))))

  4. Hello and ever so happy to meet you! I hopped over from Marie Segal's blog to see you adorable mice!
    I am in mice love!!! **blows kisses** Deb

  5. Thank you Deb - for such nice words. Nice to meet you - looking forward to see more of you!!! Big hugs!!


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