Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A Fishy Knitting Story

I´ve been knitting on and off for about 20 years. It is so much fun, and it´s amazing what you can do with knitting needles and some yarn. This stranded sweater is a lovely project for a fishy story. The pattern is designed by the danish designer Hanne Thorsen and is called Fish.

The pattern is actually made for a childrens sweater. But I can´t see why I shouldn´t wear such a lovely sweater as well. So I added some stitches to go with my size. I can´t wait to put it on - when I´m finally finished with it. But the most fun part is the knitting - and see it getting longer and longer.

It takes some time to knit it - you have to consentrate all the time. But as the fishes swims along with the needles the sweater grows. In it´s what means something: To enjoy the prosess when it´s there. No matter what it is.

One can´t learn anything if we don´t go our own way and experince all the bumps on the road. Even if it get´s dark and hopeless - there are still something to learn. We grow with all we meet in our way. That´s what makes the beauty of a flower.


  1. Super! Your knitting is really amazing and ornament is so nice:-) As for me I have no skills to knit much with ornament and I see on your work with big delight! good luck in this interesting work and will waite for your photo in it soon:-)

  2. Oh, thank you Mila. You should try it - I´m sure you´ll fix it as good as you are in your art!!!

  3. Oh, I tried once many years ago and after it I am knitting only onecolored things))) But Norway is famouse with ornaments and I am so glad to see it more and more. Anyway my husband wants ornamented pullover too)))


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