Thursday, 22 July 2010

Impression On A Mouse

After making my first chrysalis I had a little skinnerblend left. So I made this mouse and a ring to go with it. Quite funny to find leafs in pouring rain for making the texture. And it was much easyer than I thougt.

How to make a leaf texture
You just find a leaf with a good texture. Use the back of the leaf where the texture is best. Put it on the clay and roll over the leaf with a roller.

I use my knitting needle for rolling. Pull the leaf gently off and bake. After baking you use acrylic paint if you want to highlight the texture better. I did that in these pieces.

Think about all those beautiful leaves just waiting around to make a good impression on your clay. You can make all sorts of pendants, rings and bracelets. A leaf impression allways draws attention.

It always fascinates me to watch nature in a macro view. Isn´t it amazing to see the wonders? There are so many details in nature we just pass by. Make a little stop - see the wonders around you. You´ll be surprised.


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