Sunday, 25 July 2010

Cats In A Golden Box

My very first decoupage project with a napkin. I´m very pleased on how it came out. The fact that I can´t draw or paint makes decoupage a wonderful way to "paint" almost anything.

Wooden legs are painted with gold paint and glued on the box.

I painted the box in white and gold and put on some golden legs. The top is only a napkin decoupaged on the lid of the box. I also cut out some of the leaves in the napkin to put on the sides of the box. It was so much fun to make this.

I never thought decoupage could be so easy. I´ve made beads earlier but this was so different. A whole new world has opened.

I want to thank all of those artists who paints their motiv and print it on napkins. What a great job and such a great gift to all of us who just want to use these wonderful prints for something special. Think about it when you use a napkin. It´s someones creative job.

We often don´t think about this since we do not see the work beeing done. Just like so many other jobs that makes the world goes around every day. There are so many people who never gets appreciation for what they do. Maybe someone wold love to hear: Thank you. Someone you know?


  1. Oh, isn't decopauge just the next best thing to truly painting-GREAT JOB!

  2. Thank you BundleofBlossoms - sorry I´m so late in responding your comment!!!

    Thank you Marie!!!


Thank you so much for your comment - it means a lot to me!!! Sorry about the robot words - it is due to loads of spam. Hope it is ok!!!

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