Sunday, 1 August 2010

Inside The Chrysalis

Some new polymer clay chrysalis with prayers inside of them. These polymer clay pendants are so much more than just some jewelry. They hold small pieces of hope, dreams and future. I´m so grateful to Lori Wilkes for her tutorial on these. In secret I share what are my deepest wishes.

The chrysalis holds the secret of a beautiful butterfly.

This fragile creature will not be able to fly if you touch it. Just like us - if someone hurts us enough it can take years to learn to fly again. 

There are so much evil in the world. Sometimes it seems like nothing can be done. But if everyone do just a little, everything will change.

Sometimes a smile is enough - sometimes a prayer makes the different.

Don´t ever underestimate your ability to make a difference for people you meet.


  1. Beautiful necklaces & beautiful sentiment!

  2. These are just gorgeous! you did a wonderful job on them!
    Thanks so much for the very warm welcome. You lit my whole day up!!
    Love and hugs.

  3. Thank you Moose!!!

    Thank you Marie - for beeing you!!!


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