Thursday, 30 September 2010

My New Knitting Project

I´m not a complete person without a knitting project. After my sweater with a fish shoal I´m keeping up the knitting. So I needed a new project and went to my old patterns to get inspired. I never buy womens magazines. Only if there´s  good recipes on chocolate cake and knitting patterns.

So in 1992 - gosh that´s some wrinkles ago - I actually bought a magazine where I saw this knitting pattern designed by Birte Aaartun. I´ve kept it with all the other ones from the 80s (with mohair sweaters). Before it get´s antique I decided to give the pattern a go. So the yarn is in place and I´ve already started it.

Going for seahorse
Horses are really great. But I´m not a horse-girl. So i found a lovely pattern made of the norwegian designer Tori Seierstad of a seahorse meant for mittens. So, I must be a seahorse-girl. Without ever meating one of them...

I´m always very excited about starting a new knitting project. It gives so much joy and pleasure. Finding the pattern, the yarn and the colors.

This is going to take some time. So who knows when it will be finished. But it´s all about the small steps.

I chose white and turquise for this project. I love knitting sweaters and it amazes me what you can do with some yarn and knitting needles. I never take anything for granted and the fact that I´m able to knit is so dear to me.

When appreciating the little things one always get happier. Even if it is so small that nobody else can see it.

The main thing is that you see it - and that you can appreciate it. That´s what makes us rich.

What did you appreciate lately?


  1. That is a beautiful shade of blue--I'll be waiting to see how the seahorse pattern works up!


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