Thursday, 21 October 2010

Nutty Bracelets And Tagged Nuts

There´s no doubt about it: Nuts are some of my favorite items. I had a walnut made in silver and I just wanted to show you more of this madness.

That would be my bracelets with faux walnuts and almonds. They are such a joy wearing. People are just staring at them without saying anything. Nuts, maybe that´s what they think.

Well, last christmas I made tags for the gifts of faux walnuts in polymer clay.

The year before it was biscuits. Everyone thougt they were real and we had a great laugh about it.

It´s always fun to surprise others with these kind of strange things.

Out of the ordinary, must be the thing.

Don´t ever be scared of trying something new and different.

We grow if we think outside the box - even if others think we´re nuts.

Better beeing nuts than unhappy!!!


  1. Te han quedado perfectas, parecen reales. Besos

  2. Are you sure they are made of polymer clay? They look sooo real.

  3. Ohh, they look sooooooo real. Nice work, Lone!

  4. I thought they were real too, and couldn't wait to see how you got the nut meat out so perfectly & closed the nut shell back up! They are realllly

  5. Cute, what a nut! I'm often referred to that way as in "What a nut!" I consider it a compliment. I like nuts.

  6. Thank you Majda!!!

    Thank you Debbie - amazing mold putty is the thing!!!

    Thank you Lori!!

    Thank you Jan - now we are two. Let´s go nuts!! LOL!!


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