Saturday, 16 October 2010

Gone To Heaven

These red guys are no longer with us. First they got boiled and then eaten. Now they are in lobster heaven. Or in fact in my stomach.

I have this lovely boyfriend who go lobster fishing every autumn when the season starts the 1st of October. In all this mystery and secrecy he dissapear off to the sea to fish for lobster.

This is photos of our first lobster meal - well a bit arranged. I love lobster - and would´nt be able to buy it from a store. Way too expencive.

It would cost about 600 norwegian kroner, and it´s about $105 for one kilo (2.2 pounds).

The rules for fishing is very strict so every lobster is valued a lot.

This luxury is added with my homebaked bread which takes four hours to make: Even more luxury.

Thank you Geir for making us enjoy this. And for taking all the time, effort and love to make me so happy.

Lobster hugs!!!!!


  1. It looks as if it was delicious (I wouldn't really know, I have never had lobster before)! Your are lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend, who goes fishing for you.

  2. What a wonderful boyfriend you have! I love lobster but I just can't bring myself to cook them! I know, silly. I'll eat them, but I won't cook them.

    My daughter's college (I have heard) gives the whole school a lobster dinner on Halloween--paid for by a wealthy benefactor!

  3. Thank you Stregata!!

    Thank you Debbie - yes I won the best boyfriend!! He cooks them - I couldn`t.... Gosh you daughter is a lucky girl!!!


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