Monday, 11 October 2010

Word For A Pencil

When I saw the tutorial by Xanthe Walker in the autumn issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry I knew it. I had to make something similar. She uses thrown away pencils, cover them in clay and stamp words on them. They end up as fun and lovely pendants.

I dropped the pencil and went for using polymer clay to create a pencil like form. I stamped words on them and antiqued them with paint. I´m happy about the way they came out. And they are so fun making.

Letters are a powerful tool to use. In fact letters that form words can make peace in the world.

The way we use letters to form words tell who we are and what we value. To me one single word can mean a lot.

The pencil is therefore a symbol to me: They can write words and make a difference to the owner or to someone else.

For this pendant I chose HOPE. The word means so much. It´s what keep us going, what make us creative and can be a precious gift for the people we meet.


  1. This is a lovely piece. Your colors are so pure and bright, I love it!

    from ever hopeful Jan

  2. I like your lovely piece and your thoughtful words!

  3. Thank you Jan - good that you´re hopeful!!

    Thank you Nadiaher!!

    Thank you Debbie!!!

  4. Beautiful work and a lovely story!


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