Thursday, 14 October 2010

Completely Nuts

A couple of years ago I was almost diving into a big box of walnuts. Well, it lastet that long that it made the staff looking at me. I picked up one walnut after the other to find the perfect example. And I did.

I had this idea about getting a walnut made in silver with a secret compartment. Since I don´t work in silver (wish I did) I contacted Totto Eide in Mandal where I live.

He is melting and casting base and precious metals in sand and soapstone forms.

His occupation is brazier.

Anyway, he took the challenge, sort of finding it quite fun to make this for me. He´s never had such a strange request...

But I was so happy that someone would help me with my idea.

He used the real nut and some polymer clay to make it a little thicker. He has used sand as a base for the process. 

The nut is in silver made from some of my old jewelry and some he added. To prevent the nut beeing too fragile he made it rather thick.

Well, in fact it weighs about 115 grams (about 4 oz). So if I move too quickly I will kill anyone near me. It´s heavy!

I love this nut - it´s so special and made from a real walnut.

I wish I some day get an almond made as well. I don´t know why nuts are so fascinating to me.

But there´s something about their hard outside and the soft inside.

And of course the fact that they have the secret compartment.

Maybe you´ll like to take a look at the polymer clay walnuts I used for an exhibition about hope?

Thank you for reading - I hope you´ll get a day with a lot of light and hope!!!


  1. A beautiful and original idea Lone!

  2. Thank you Mary!!

    Thank you Ma Reyes!!!

  3. Ej, det må så lige blive på dansk alligevel.HOLD DA OP, hvor er den fed:-) Jeg slog lige en gørtler op. Det hedder en "Brazier" ifølge min gamle ordbog.
    Rigtg god weekend til dig.

  4. Hej Dorte. Tusind tak for det hele. Nu har jeg fået rettet det op til brazier. God weekend i skønne København!!!

  5. Your walnut came out gorgeous! Stop by my blog when you get a chance--a little surprise is waiting!

  6. Thank you Debbie. And what a surprise!!! I´m so happy - and thank you for your lovely words. That ment a lot!!!!

  7. I am in love with your nuts ...absolutely beautiful!!

  8. Hei Lone
    Fine bilder og fin blog!

  9. Hei Totto!!!
    Takk skal du ha - så gøy at du kom på besøk!!


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