Saturday, 22 January 2011

Flying With Tiny Wings

I love bumblebees and the fact that they can do what nobody thought they would: Fly with the sun shining above them.

I found a wonderful tutorial on Rebeccas blog for a knitted bumblebee. It was very easy to follow and I started out making three of them. I tried different yarn types to see how it went on. That´s why they each has their own personality.

I got so inspired that I wrote a poem to go with them. It´s in norwegian but I can say it´s all about proving negative thoughts wrong.

I´m giving the guy on the left to a very special friend along with the poem. Thank you for changing my life.

The two others are also about to find new homes.

The bumblebee can fly - and so can we. I´ve decided to never listen to all things making me think I can´t fly.

So don´t ever let anyone tell you that you can´t fly.

I think the quote from Mary Kay Ash says it all:

Aerodynamically, the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway



  1. These are the cutest bumblebees! Beautiful words as always! It is always such a joy to visit your blog!

  2. Thank you so much Debbie for your kind words and for your visits!!! Hugs to you

  3. these little creatures are so sweet! What fun embellishments they would make, also. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh how sweet these all are!!
    You are so talented!
    Love and hugs
    word verification is "flies"

  5. Thank you Jan - yes, and I´m planing on making them smaller as well. Maybe something as an earring...

    Thank you Marie. A big hug to you!!

  6. Så nyyydelige humler :-) Og ord med vinger på ... Du er utrolig god!

  7. Thank you so much Lori!!!

    Tusen takk kjære Kjerstin!!!!

  8. Thanks for the link, I will give it a try too

  9. These are very cute! I followed the link to see your mice, too! They really are adorable! Just the CUTEST! I love cute little mice! ♥

  10. You´re welcome Miriam!!

    Thank you Lavender Dreamer - so nice of you!!


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