Sunday, 6 February 2011

I Won Marlenes Giveaway

I feel so lucky to have won Marlenes giveaway on her blog. I get so excited about winning - I usually never win anything. And just leaving a comment on a blog and then win is just amazing. Thank you so much, Marlene.

The book is Welcome to the jungle by Christi Friesen. She has a wonderful way of writing - and her comments and art brings out a lot of smiles. Reading her books is good for your health - at least for mine.

Marlene also included a lovely necklace - I love the colors. Thank you for your giving heart.


  1. Congratulations Lone! The necklace is so pretty, the purple and blue looks so nice together. I am sure you will have lots of fun with Christi Friesen's book.

  2. Yeh Lone!!! It's so much fun when you win something! Enjoy your prizes!


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