Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Mouse

One can never go wrong with love. Especially if you´re a mouse in polymer clay with a secret message hidden in a heart.

Valentines day came to Norway some years ago. Mainly because commercial interests wanted to fill their pockets with more of our money.

Most people don´t find the day special. But some are celebrating with roses, candy and gifts.

Despite the commercial thing I think love should be celebrated whenever we can. Commercial or not. We can´t import a culture or tradition but we can celebrate love.

So I did by making a mouse with a hollow heart on it´s tail. Inside there´s a message as you can see on the photos. I enjoyed making it - it´s always fun when an idea falls into my head.

So I wish you a happy Valentines Day - if you´re not celebrating in your country you can always find someone who needs some extra attention.

Or you can give love to your self.

Thankfully love is free of costs - and will always be. In fact if you have love in your life you´re rich.

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place
Zora Neale Hurston


  1. Lone, I loved what you made! It's beautiful! And, I agree, you don't need a special day, to tell someone you love them! It should be everyday ;o)

  2. Am not a fan of mice but when they come bearing secret messages hidden inside very cute hearts I may just change my mind. I love your art. I did check on the link to the video on Stella's win for the Eurovision and I understand there is quite a furore over that. Reminds me of the controversy over Obama coz his dad was from Kenya.
    Thanks for following my blog, am happy to follow you too. Hugs from Kenya.

  3. Thank you so much magic love crowe!!

    Gracias Ma Reyes!!

    Thank you jonaks!!

    Jackie, so good that some mice are accepted!! LOL!! And yes as soon as someone has a talent people try to find something wrong about them. I call that old fashion envy!!!

  4. Such a sweet mouse and such wise words!

  5. Lone, I don't mean to spoil the surprise, but you are one of the winners on my blog! Yeh! Can you please contact me at my etsy shop, with your full name and address and your aceo's will be on the way ;o) Happy Valentine's Day ;o) I have never sent any of my art to Norway! I am so excited!!!

  6. Hi Lone,
    you do wonders with Polymer clay! Love your mouse.
    Have a great day.

  7. I just can´t wait for my giveaway to arrive. Thank you so very much!!!

    Thank you Marie - hugs to you too!!

  8. Hi, Lone! Just wanted to THANK YOU for becoming a follower of my blog. Hope you've enjoyed OWOH as much as I have! Wonderful pieces, and the winners are so fortunate! Congrats to them!

    All good wishes,

  9. Hei, Lone!

    Your mice are adorable, well made, gorgeous colors, and such a clever idea, too! No wonder you have been published with these.

    Thank you for visiting my blog during the OWOH so I could come back to yours. Keep up the good work!

    Hugs from a fellow Norwegian

  10. Paula, you´re so welcome. So nice to meet you!!

    Hei Bibi!! Thank you so much - and how wonderful to meet a fellow norwegian!!!


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