Thursday, 3 March 2011

Be(e) Whatever You Want

I have a friend who is the most giving, loving and creative person you can think of. She brings light into my life. And I wanted to show her that.

So I made this box to her with a knitted bumblebee inside. It all started when she asked to see my poem about the bumblebee that are not supposed to fly. But did anyway.

I glued the poem to black and yellow carton and wrapped it in cellophane.

The original wooden box and the legs.
I took a wooden box, some wooden legs for it and painted and decoupaged it.

I took off the original lock and made my own in polymer clay with the words Hope and Courage on it.

In addition I found some qoutes.

In the lid I decoupaged this qoute: Courage is not about beeing fearless. It´s about acting inspite of the fear.

And in the bottom of the box she found this qoute: Hope is the only bee that makes honey without the flowers by Robert Ingersoll. 

I think this is one of the best qoutes I´ve seen. It says it all. After all hope is what keeps us going. I glued in a bumblebee as well.

Here you can see the lock I made in polymer clay. I used white clay and textured it and stamped in the words courage and hope. It made the box more vintage I think. 

The lock is made in polymer clay, stamped and antiqued after baking.

I really love these kinds of projects where mixed media is used. 

And where I can use one thought to lead me through the stages of making something.

The bumblebee is knitted and then felted.
The bee has this text on it: Be(e) what you want.

 On the bee my friend found a paperheart with this text: Be(e) what you want. 

Something I wrote out of my head.

The best thing of all this is she was so happy about this gift. The joy of giving is so big and I was excited to send the bumblebee to a new home. 

Handmade gifts are so precious and we all put our hearts into them. And giving them away is like giving a little of ourselves as well. 

I´m blessed to have a friend who appreciate my little handmade things. And for being her friend. That is after all the best thing ever: To have a friend like that.

Thank you for your love, light and hope. You are the best!!!!!

The box with the decoupaged lid and it´s golden legs.


  1. This is an incredible gift. The work, creativity and love that went into this piece are priceless.
    There isn't a single think that can be bought in any store that I would prefer over a gift like this.

  2. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment - you made my day!!!

  3. This is an absolutely beautiful and heart-felt gift. I love the quotes you included and the latch is absolutely perfect.

  4. Wow Lone!! This is beautiful! I know if I got a gift like this, I would treasure it forever! I really love everything you did! So heart warming and inspirational.

  5. Thank you so much Cris!!

    Thank you Stacy - a big hug to you!!

  6. Your friend is truly blessed to call you "friend". The box is truly lovely, and I'm sure will be cherished for a long time.

  7. What a lovely thoughtful meaningful gift. I hope your friend adores it, and all the goodness behind it.

  8. Oh Lone this is a wonderful and meaningful piece.
    You did a fabulous job!
    The box is so pretty, I love the texture that you got with the paint on the box. The lock out of clay is great.
    And it moves on golden legs.
    You are brilliant.
    Have a great week.

  9. Thank you dear Debbie!!

    Thank you dear Jan!!

    Thank you Marie - hugs and love!!

  10. I love it! I love bees and I like to decoupage.
    I especially like the lock you made!


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