Thursday, 10 March 2011

I Felt A Bit Woolen

My crafty life is wrapped around fiber at the moment. I can´t believe how much you can do with some yarn and knitting needles. After I joined Ravelry I discovered all the things you can actually make. And it inspires me a lot.

These bangles are made of Rauma Vamsegarn, a norwegian yarn great for felting. I knitted 7 stitches for 23 cm and sew the ends together. After a couple of times in the washer they were ready for whatever kind of yarn for the wraps. I also found some polymer clay beads I sewed on.

A really fun and easy project. The original pattern is written by Mags Kandis in her book Gifted.

I´m also getting my scarf with the hearts finished (seen to your left here). And it´s just around the corner.

My next project would be some strawberries with stem and flowers. Well, more about that later.

I´m also in for a knitted seahorse. So you see, knitting has captured me in it´s colorful and creative world. And I love it!

Hope you´re allright and are having a lovely day.

I hope you´re doing something you love - whatever that is. Crafting makes us happy - if we follow our hearts.

I give you this qoute by Tony Curtis:

It's such a human condition, whether you're a great track star or a great knitting person or you paint watercolors - someone knows who you are


  1. Son unas pulseras muy originales. Besos

  2. Those are gorgeous Lone !! Makes me want to knit and I am NOT a knitting person ! Hugs

  3. Very cool bangles! I love your heart scarf too! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Wow Lone!! Amazing!! Every piece you have done, fantastic! You are such a talented person!! Have a great weekend!!!!

  5. Hvor er de altså bare søde, armbåndene. Godt tænkt:-) Hjertetørklædet er jo nok et superglad og farvestrålende tørklæde til samlingen.
    Rigtig god weekend til dig.

  6. Oppdaget plutselig disse armbåndene her hos deg; kjempefine! :-)

  7. Thank you all so very much - I do not know why my previous comments are gone...


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