Friday, 18 March 2011

I´m Not Going to Complain

Just outside my window.
Just as spring was on it´s way it all turned white. And I thought, oh no not again. I filled my head with negative thoughts. But, it all ended on my journey in blogland where I found this video. It´s the most amazing and lovely piece ever seen on youtube.

I wish you a lovely weekend - and that you can see what you have in your life. I´m pretty sure you´ll be surprised about what you actually have. I´ve started - and I can´t stop beeing grateful.

Visit Diane Rose - a quilter that are blind. She can see everything:


  1. What a gorgeous view you have! I've seen that video and it is nothing short of amazing! She is truly an inspiration to others. Have a wonderful weekend, Lone!

  2. Hvor er hun sød. Det er livsbekræftende når folk overkommer livets modgang på en så positiv og udbytterig måde.
    København fik også et hvidt drys i aftes. Det var også næsten for meget af det gode.
    God weekend til dig.

  3. Hi Lone ;o) The view from your window is amazing! Wow!! The video was great! How inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing it! You've made my day! Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Thank you Debbie - yes I´m so lucky to live here!!!

    Tak Dorte - håber du har en god og strikket weekend!!

    Thank you Stacy - hope you´re having a lovely weekend!!

  5. Don t be sad, Lone, spring is coming very soon! Here was to days of hard snowing too, I can not work in my garden, but I found new green leaves inder snow! And your colorful ceations can help you and everubody to be happier from day to day, jippi)))


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