Monday, 21 March 2011

Woolly And Sheepish

Woolly bangles to live it´s sheepish life with my scarf.
Some of my new woolly bangles meant to catch up with the colors of my thousand hearts. Now I can wear my scarf and have bangles in the same colors.

Very easy knit with seven stitches and some turns in the washer. I sew on some sequins and wrapped some of the alpaca yarn used in the scarf. Voila - there we have it.

Sometimes it´s so delightful to make something really easy and enjoy it so much.

I´m going to make a lot of these bangles. They are great for gifts  - both for me and others.

And as I recently read, knitting is very healthy. Keeps the stress and worries down.

And new projects keeps the brain cells rambling around in colors, stitches, patterns and yarn. Yes, knitting is great. So is keeping it easy - most of our worries comes to nothing.

The ones I´ve made so far - still have some to wrap yarn around.


  1. Lone, I love them! You make everything look so easy! ;o) Have a great day! Keep on smiling!

  2. Pretty bangles! Love the colors!

  3. I am in love with your bangles. The purple and turquoise ones are my fav. I would love your pattern for these!! I have been knitting too, but not like you. Just making simple hats for ladies who lost their hair due to chemo

    happy creating

  4. You are building a collection of lovely bangles! At first I thought you had covered wooden bangles, but now I understand that you have knitted them. They must be a joy to wear-nice and light in weight!

  5. These are lovely. Your colors are fabulous.

  6. Thank you Stacy - they are easy... And I keep smiling!!

    Thank you Kelly!!

    Thank you Kathi - you´ll find a pattern in
    I based mine on that one!!! Good luck!

    Thank you Debbie - yes, they are very light. And they keep me warm too!!

    Thank you Beadwright!!

  7. Wow Lone! These are really beautiful.
    I love them.
    I like easy too!


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