Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Got Red In The End

This is my very first triangle scarf called Karius. It´s a very popular scarf in knitting blogs and on Ravelry. The story about the pattern says that a knitter by the nickname Karius evented it and published it in a norwegian craft site online. It became a big hit - and the fun thing is that the knitter remains unknown as far as I know.

Anyway, I had to make one of those and I´m very happy about it. I used the yarn Aysen by Araucania. Soft, warm and lovely colors. But it´s bleeding and I have to soak the scarf in vinegar. Not what I expected, but no refund where I bought it and just "That was sad" from them.

Well, I wont let bad service stop me from enjoying the fact that I love the scarf and the triangular shape makes it very versatile.

As I love contrasts there´s a red spark put to it. Makes it more fun to wear. And in the end it´s all about the red color:

Some means the color represents life and vitality. So let´s not get old in our heads - let´s get better in beeing a live just now.

I´ve ordered some labels for my knitting, and this is the first time using them. Gosh, it looks cool, I think.

I´m making more of these scarfs. If you´re interested you can find the very easy pattern here. I knitted in stockinette stitch, the pattern is in garter stitch.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Keep The Colors Coming

The body of the jacket. Will be sewn and cut open.
It´s been resting for some time. But now I´ve been knitting on my colorful jacket. The body is finished and I´ve started on one of the sleeves.

Yes - it seems like I´m not going to get cold next winter. There´s still some knitting to do - but I love seeing the pattern and the colors grow between my hands.

There´s something magical by knitting in so many bright colors. It´s like creating something so much alive that it´s almost too much. Or, one can never get too much colors, laughter and joy in life. And chocolate of course. LOL!

Knitting on the first sleeve right now.
I can´t wait to put this on for the first time. It´s easy to knit, it just takes time figuring out what color goes where. And to weave in all the ends.

And as I knit along I wonder. All of us are threads in the colorful life on earth.

And it will not get a whole image without each and everyone.

Everyone matters - tell that to someone today.

I´m sorry if you´re missing your comment on this post. Blogger removed the post and I had to post it again. Please leave a new comment if you want!!!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Woolly Fealing Of A Gift

The strawberry with the long stem is a bookmark.
My strawberries has found a new home. I knitted them, put them in a lovely cube and added a bookmark to fresh it all up. Wrapped in cellophane with the bookmark as a ribbon makes it quite fresh to look at.

This is an addition to my faux walnuts given to a wonderful friend. Just to add some spark to the gift with some colors and a promise of summer and lazy warm days in the sun.

My best friend loves to get homemade gifts. And that´s really a blessing.

I´ve read about crafters who put themselves into their work and end up with this: Is it possible to exchange it?

So I´m very lucky to have such a lovely friend who really appreciate what I do.

I hope you are appreciated for your work - for all the hours and love you put in the creative work.

As Voltaire has said:
Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.
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