Saturday, 14 May 2011

Keep The Colors Coming

The body of the jacket. Will be sewn and cut open.
It´s been resting for some time. But now I´ve been knitting on my colorful jacket. The body is finished and I´ve started on one of the sleeves.

Yes - it seems like I´m not going to get cold next winter. There´s still some knitting to do - but I love seeing the pattern and the colors grow between my hands.

There´s something magical by knitting in so many bright colors. It´s like creating something so much alive that it´s almost too much. Or, one can never get too much colors, laughter and joy in life. And chocolate of course. LOL!

Knitting on the first sleeve right now.
I can´t wait to put this on for the first time. It´s easy to knit, it just takes time figuring out what color goes where. And to weave in all the ends.

And as I knit along I wonder. All of us are threads in the colorful life on earth.

And it will not get a whole image without each and everyone.

Everyone matters - tell that to someone today.

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  1. Wow!! I don't mother and grandmother tried to teach me when I was young...I could crochet a little but that was it would be too painful for my hand. I can really appreciate the time and effort and the Skill! it takes to do this! Wow! Wonderful job!

  2. Thank you so much Mary!!! Sad to hear about your hand!!

  3. Beautiful!!!!!!I don't know how you can keep the colors straight! I knot mostly straight stuff like scarves, only did one sweater for my
    daughter a very long time ago..though I wish I could take a class and learn to make one again!

  4. Lone, this is easy????? I don't think so, my friend ;o) You make such gorgeous items!!! A+++

  5. That will be a gorgeous masterpiece when it is finished! Yes, Blogger has been having some bumps lately! I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  6. Hej Lone,
    Uih, hvor ser den godt ud. Den bliver helt vild, når den er færdig. Jeg tænker om du ikke kan spyt-splejse enderne når du skifter farve. Så behøver du ikke skulle hæfte så mange ender til sidst. Super søndag til dig:-)

  7. Thank you Debbie - it´s going to be fun to see it finished!!

  8. Hej Dorte, Tak!!! Spyt-splejse?? Hordan gør du det?? Ha det godt kære strikker!!

  9. Hej Lone,
    Det er en rigtig dejlig teknik. Det er nemmest at se, så gå på Youtube. Skriv Knitting spit-splice i søgefeltet. Der er flere videoer der viser havd du gør. Jeg brugte det hele tiden til fuglejakken, og det er lige så anvendeligt, når man skifter farve, som når det bare er samme farve. Man lægger ikke mærke til overgangen, når den bruges ved farveskift.


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