Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Got Red In The End

This is my very first triangle scarf called Karius. It´s a very popular scarf in knitting blogs and on Ravelry. The story about the pattern says that a knitter by the nickname Karius evented it and published it in a norwegian craft site online. It became a big hit - and the fun thing is that the knitter remains unknown as far as I know.

Anyway, I had to make one of those and I´m very happy about it. I used the yarn Aysen by Araucania. Soft, warm and lovely colors. But it´s bleeding and I have to soak the scarf in vinegar. Not what I expected, but no refund where I bought it and just "That was sad" from them.

Well, I wont let bad service stop me from enjoying the fact that I love the scarf and the triangular shape makes it very versatile.

As I love contrasts there´s a red spark put to it. Makes it more fun to wear. And in the end it´s all about the red color:

Some means the color represents life and vitality. So let´s not get old in our heads - let´s get better in beeing a live just now.

I´ve ordered some labels for my knitting, and this is the first time using them. Gosh, it looks cool, I think.

I´m making more of these scarfs. If you´re interested you can find the very easy pattern here. I knitted in stockinette stitch, the pattern is in garter stitch.


  1. Fantastic Lone ;o) So cute and different ;o) Yes red is courage, life, strength ;o)Have a great day!

  2. What a cute scarf! I love the pointy red end and red stripes. Well done!

  3. Sorry about the bleeding yarn! I have had the same problem with red thread which almost ruined a quilt during blocking. Fortunatley I could solve the problem with adding applique, but the thread ended in the trash.
    I am impressed how even your knit and purl looks, I always seem to get sort of a stripe effect.

  4. Thank you Stacy - hope you´re allright and that new crows are flying into your heart!!

  5. Thank you Mrs Moen!! Oh, bleeding thread? That sounds awfull!! I´m not happy about purling either - but this time I manage to get it ok. I think the bulky yarn helped me to get it even.

  6. that scarf is way cool! Love your labels, looks very classy, like your knitting!

  7. Hi Lone,
    Your scarf came out so unique. It is stunning and your label gives it the finishing touch. Pretty!

  8. Thank you Karen!! It´s a dream to wear!!!

  9. Great scarf. I have this one on my list to knit sometime soon. Great idea with the labels to add to your projects.

  10. Thank you Louise - you´re going to love that knitting. It´s so easy and mindless!! Good luck!!

  11. I quite like the red at the end. Very nice work.

  12. hi there I love your work. I have the Karius and Baktus patterns and have done a baktus in DK. I am doing a new one in 4 ply and wondered whether to go for Baktus or Karius. I want the ends to be long and pointy and wondered whether Karius is more like that? Do you increase every 4 rows on this one? Perhaps I should leave it longer before I increase to get longer pointy fronts?

    1. Thank you!!! I followed the pattern for the stockinette version on this scarf. The ends get pointy because the scarf curls inwards as you knit. Hope this helps you!!


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