Sunday, 12 June 2011

All We Knit Is Love

It´s a commercial but apart from that I loved this. Makes me think of the warm feeling when I´m knitting. After all: All We Knit Is Love. Have a lovely and warm day!!

And about knitting: I´m about to finish my jacket of colors. It´s been cut open in the front and I´m knitting on the edges where the cloak clasps are sewn on. And all I can think about is which project is the next in my queue. A new stranded project is already in my mind. More about a shawl with birds later.
Garment is cut off to leave room for the neckline and the cutting is done in front of the jacket.


  1. O, you are so brave ! Cutting in a knitting ! Horror - oh - horror. I know, it can be done. My hero, Elisabeth Zimmerman is a great promoter for this too. But I dare not. What if it goes terribly wrong, and the whole knit is destroyed ? Again, how brave you are !!!

    And the commercial : I just love it. The marketing company that came up with this idea has really made the message come through. I wonder if the manager is a woman knitter... And I can imagine that it took a while to knit everything up... even the floor boards... And the cat basket... I'm sure my cat would love this !

  2. Thank you rozemie!!! The first time I was so terrified about the cutting - the first time is always the worst. The most important thing is to check and double check to make sure the cutting is done in the right place. Knit a sample and try it out - it makes knitting so much easyer!!
    Glad you liked the film - I know it must have been a knitter thinking about that!!!

  3. awesome commercial - and yes,.... brave you are for cutting knit!

  4. Love the commercial!
    I watched my mother stitch and cut openings in sweaters and jackets growing up so I just assumed that was how everyone did it. I got the same comments about being brave on one of my knitting posts, so obviously not. It sure beats all the purling involved in knitting separate pieces for front and back!
    Your jacket of colours is going to be a beauty!

  5. Steeks are wonderful, but require steady nerves, which you seem to have in abundance ;)
    Looking forward to seeing the jacked completed.

  6. Thank you Cris!!!

    Thank you lykkefanten - me too I must say!!! Hope it fits!!!

  7. Fantastic Commercial! You are very brave to cut, where you have knitted! Take Care ;o)

  8. You are SO BRAVE to cut into that!

  9. Thank you so very much, Lone, for your kind words on my blog when I needed them most.

    The video was such fun to watch, and I admit I could not help thinking that it was going to inspire you to cover something in knitting!

    I can't wait to see the jacket finished!


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