Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Gift From The Sea

I added Mettes name on one of the beads.
One of my sea urchins are about to be given to a person who has brought light, extraordinary food and great pleasure to this little town I´m living in. She and her husband opened the restaurant/café Provianten and they have turned the place into something that´s beyond what you´ll expect in a little norwegian town.

They bake their bread in the old way, roast their own coffee and handmade chocolate is also available.

And the food is so good that I can´t think of any other place I would rather sit and enjoy the view of the river pasing by on it´s way to the sea.

In the summer you can sit upstairs in a big sofa. Well, take a look at the photo to see that view - it´s taken from that sofa two days ago.

Anyway, I made a sea urchin for Mette because she always smiles and she makes Mandal a better place to be.

She´s also an excellent artist, one of the few educated potters in Norway. You can see her in her studio here.

But the most important thing is the heart she has in what she do and who she is. And that´s the most important ingredient in both the food and in her art. I think that´s the secret behind people feeling welcomed and appreciated in the restaurant. And what made me make a sea urchin.
I made a smaller sea urchin to put on the gift box as well.


  1. Those are fantastic!! Love the realistic texture and shape!

  2. Thank you Ma Reyes!!!

    Thank you Mary - I made a mould of an original sea urchin!!

  3. The colors are so bright and cheerful! I'm sure Mette will love it. That is a beautiful view to enjoy from the restaurant.

  4. Thank you Debbie - it´s just the best place to be!!

  5. Wow, Lone, if I lived closer, I would be eating at this place too ;o) I love what you made Mette! I went to see her studio, I love the picture of her, making the pottery! Have a great day!

  6. Hi Lone, I found your blog by hopping around the virtual blogworld, and find you make great things. I too am fond of knitting, crochet and polymer clay stuff. I like the vivid colours you use a lot. Greeting from Belgium ! Rozemie

  7. Hi Rozemie - so delightful to meet you. And to hear about that you´re also into the same creative path that I am. Thank you for your comment and for stopping by!!!


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