Monday, 27 June 2011

Felt Like A Norwegian

Felted pouches with polymer clay buttons. All handmade.
It takes a little over an hour to knit these small teardrop pouches and when I first started I couldn´t stop. They are so adorable and since my knitting is uneven every one of them comes out different.

I felt them in the washer a couple of times before taking the last felting by hand.

A gorgeous knitter and felt artist had made her pattern public and I recommend a visit to Claires etsy shop.

You can buy her pattern for these or find more felted items.

The buttons are homemade of polymer clay. This old cane got very distorted under reducing - but I think the flag buttons made a little spark to the pouches.

These are very versatile. You can use them for jewelry, to hide secrets in or just put them on a table for a woolly addition to the interior.

They are also a wonderful giftbag. I´m planing on using them as what ever comes to mind. I was planing to use up some of my stash yarn. But ended up bying more to get even more colors. I already knitted four more of these. I´m not going to stop. More polymer clay buttons are also planed.

Did I mention that four arms would be a nice thing - and of course even more hours a day?
Blogger makes my photos blury - click on them to see them clearly...


  1. How adorable, I have to check out that pattern!

  2. Thank you Nina Lise - hope you get as much fun and pleasure as I did making these!!!!

  3. Now that's clever. Sooooo very cute. The photo just "pops" on the page. Nice job with everything. I have to check out the pattern too! Thank you. -Marlene

  4. I'd like some extra arms and hours, too! These are just precious! I think they would delight anyone who received one.

  5. I double the adorable ;o) Claire's shop is really nice! Take care Lone ;o)

  6. They look just stunning! I'm so delighted that you love my little teardrop pouch pattern so much.
    I can't wait to see the next ones with more of your beautiful hand made buttons

  7. Thank you Marlene - hope you found it!!

  8. Thank you Debbie - we should wish for that!!!

  9. Thank you Stacy - hope you´re fine!!!

  10. Thank you Claire - you made me so happy!!!! And addicted to them!!!

  11. Så søte de var! Den knappen var virkelig prikken over I en!

  12. Tusen takk Desiree - tror jeg må lage flere av dem...


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