Thursday, 30 June 2011

Woolly Teardrops

Handmade pouches with my handmade polymer clay buttons.
Yesterday I knitted four of these teardrops. They are totally addictive - and so cute. After knitting they are felted two times in the washer and then handfelted for the final finish.

It takes only about an hour to knit one of them, and if you can knit it´s easy. I promise!! I´m using a lot of stash yarn - but have ended up buying new for the colors. Need I say more??

Faux bone made of polymer clay.
You´ll find the pattern for the teardrop pouch which Claire has published here. Thank you Claire!!!

All buttons are made by me of polymer clay. Mainly old canes.

The heartshaped one is faux bone and I´m really happy about that little pouch.

Before felting that pouch looked terrible - I regret not photografing it.

Not really my favorite effect yearn. But it became excellent to me when felted. It´s that feeling to give the control to the yarn. And it worked.

Sometimes we need to let go of control to enjoy life, to meet new people and to feel free. Maybe that´s what make me love these felted pouches.

Button of an old leaf cane.
I never how they will come out, and not two are alike.

And their imperfection just makes them perfect to me.

Enjoy this qoute from Ernst Fisher:

As machines become more and more efficient and perfect, 
so it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man


  1. Supercute! I bought the pattern after seeing your first ones and look forward to make my own. Most of my yarn is superwash so I might need to buy more yarn... Oh, how horrible,-)

  2. Thank you Nina Lise!!! Oh, bying yarn is the most wonderful thing!!! Dive into the colors and enjoy your self A LOT!!!!

  3. Gorgeous little teardrops! I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award, come and collect it at

  4. Too cute!! Love them all Lone ;o)

  5. These are just all so adorable!! I agree that the one with the faux bone is extra special... but they are all wonderful!! :)))

  6. Those felted teardrops are so beautiful ! What a happy way to use up some stash. Grtz, Rozemie

  7. A beautiful way to use of bits of yarn! They are all so pretty and your buttons at a nice touch!

  8. you've inspired me to do some more experimenting too now! I'm just playing around with knitting some pouches using some left over tapestry yarns.

  9. Claire, thank you. How cool - can´t wait to see what you´re making!!!


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