Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Seahorse From A Cave

Faux bone from polymer clay.
Well, a cave was a bit exaggerated. But a friend on Flickr thought that this seahorse looked like an image from the caves of Lascaux in France. They are over 15000 years old. I sometimes feel like I´m that old - LOL!!!

Anyway, this seahorse is made of polymer clay. I made faux bone, stamped and used tools to make texture.

I´m really happy about how it came out. It´s brand new but have this ancient look. I love to put my own style to it. And that there are noone just like it.

I´ve made some seahorses in polymer clay lately. I like to shape them, see them come to life. And most of all wearing them. I get a lot of comments on them.

But in the end it´s the creating bit that fascinates me. That my hands are able to shape and create.

I feel so blessed and thankfull. And seahorses are so fragile and yet surviving an extreme life in the sea.

I´m not sure where I found the tutorial for the faux bone. The cane has been resting for a long time. But you can find an easy and really good tutorial for it here.


  1. There is something very funny about seahorses : it's the male that is pregnant and gives birth to his children. As far as I know, that makes them unique on this planet ! They are very cute too, of course. I like the way you turned them into jewelry.

  2. Thank you Rozemie. I know - that amazing story about them is so fascinating and mysterious!!

  3. Another beautiful seahorse Lone! They are addicting to make aren't they!

  4. Thank you Debbie - yes they are. Very much!!!!

  5. he looks like a cross between a seal and a seahorse. Cute!

  6. love your faux bone seahorse!

  7. Beautiful Lone and so unique!!! Love it!

  8. Thank you Becca - maybe it´s a seaseal. LOL!!

    Thank you Cara!!

    Thank you Stacy!!

  9. I don't know if I like this one or your earlier skinner green seahorse best. It really like the stiped boarder on the green one but this one has an ancient feel that is very appealing. Great design on both

  10. Thank you JuLee!! I know they are both different - and you know they fit different outfits and looks as well!!!


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