Thursday, 4 August 2011

Purple And Still Swimming

Hanging from a long leathercord with beads on the end and disks for fun.
There are several seahorses swimming around in the clay corner of my brain. I´m trying to use up some of my old canes - and have an excuse for making another seahorse pendant. Just to get them out of there.

This purple guy has the inspricption Be Happy on one of the sides, and Seahorse on the other. I also made some earrings from the scrap clay.

I just let my seahorses swim along into my hands to give them their polymer clay life.

Plastic can some times be fantastic.

And I´m not thinking about the plactic, people stuff their bodies with.

I´m thinking about polymer clay - the most fantastic plastic ever.

This is about beeing real, beeing what and who we are.

And keep swimming. In spite of beeing purple with stripes and words on us.

Some earrings with sterling silver to go with the necklace.


  1. I love the seahorses...and they are purple too:)

  2. Thank you Mary Ann!!! And black too - just wait and see... LOL!!

  3. I love purple and I love seahorses ;o) Excellent ;o) Oh, black too?? I can't wait ;o)

  4. I think this one is my favorite by so far! So much fun Lone!

  5. Thank you Stacy - black wasn´t too bad actually!!

  6. Thank you Debbie - seahorses are just wonderful!!!

  7. Just beautiful, they seem so tactile.


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