Thursday, 15 September 2011

Giving My Heart Wings

The first rounds of a big shawl with birds.
For a very long time I´ve wanted to knit one of Christel Seyfarth wonderful shawls. When I saw the one with the birds, I was in love.

I bought the kit in Oslo here in Norway - and I´ve finally knitted the first rounds. It´s a huge work - and need a lot of preparation.

Some day it´ll look like this - photo from Christel Seyfarths homepage.
I had to make a chart and copied the pattern and glued it into a new large paper. It was about 80 small pieces I think.

I got six colors for the pattern and seven colors for the background in the kit.

I´m randomly changing colors while knitting. In that way there are no order in color changes and that makes the shawl fun to knit and to look at.

Starting at the bottom with only three stitches there should be nearly 600 stitches when i reach the top of the shawl. You get the picture? I´m knitting in the round all the way up, and then sewing with machine and cutting up the shawl. Easy that way.

This is a huge challenge for me. And if I hadn´t been on Ravelry to see, learn and to ask experienced knitters it would have been so much more challenging. But here I am - with my knitting needles and a lot of patience, yarn and love for this wonderful shawl.

There are no such joy than to create something from the heart  - the one of yarn:
Yarn from the kit. The red ones are for the pattern, the rest for the background.


  1. Høres ut som litt av en jobb, men noe bedre i og med at du strikker rundt og klipper opp.-) Det kommer til å bli et fantastisk sjal!

  2. Tusen takk Nina Lise - kan ikke vente til å bli ferdig og bruke det!!!!

  3. You must have the most beauitful clothes.
    I love the shawl I can see why you wanted to do it!

  4. Hej Lone,
    Så kom du igang! Hvor ser det godt ud. Opgav du Magic Ball?
    Hvis det er nogen trøst, så får du hurtigt styr på bladrankerne. Så skal du ikke sidde og læse så meget.
    Christel fører stadig de mønstre man skal bruge en kikkert for at læse, kan jeg forstå. Det burde hun gøre noget ved.
    Jeg glæder mig at til følge dine fremskridt:-)
    kh. Dorte

  5. Thank you Marie - oh, I can´t wait to wrap myself into this!!!

  6. Hej Dorte,
    Tak!!! Opgav magic ball til fordel for en bedre idé (se min ravely). Ja, de mønstre er forfærdelige at læse. Kan jo kopieres op, men så bliver chartet kæmpe stort. Men hvor er det dog et sjovt strik!!!

  7. It is certainly complicated but when it's finished it will be amazing. I love the colours you have chosen:)

  8. what wonderful colour combination ! The shawl is perfect for the autumn days that are ahead of us. You will find much pleasure in the knitting, and even more in the wearing !

  9. Gosh! I sure do love everything you create. This is so beautiful! I haven't chatted with you in awhile and hope everything is going well in Norway~

  10. Thank you Stacy - it´s really exciting to see them together!!

    Thank you Mary Ann - they were in the kit I bought...

    Thank you rozemie - I´ll be ready for the cold winter...

    Thank you BundlesofBlossoms - so nice to have your visit again!!!

  11. Dette kommer til å bli lekkert. Jeg har sett på mønsteret en tid, men enda ikke helt bestemt meg. Får ta en tur til Mauds å se nærmere på det!

  12. Takk Liv!!! Lykke til med prosjektet - håper du finner et du liker!!


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