Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Seahorse Stitch By Stitch

Knitted seahorse in Sereknity merino yarn.
I actually knitted this. I found it extraordinary to see it shaped stitch by stitch on my needles. Kahra Grae has designed a lot of great patterns and you can find the seahorse on Ravelry here. This pattern is very well written and easy to follow.

It was so much fun knitting this one. I used some of my yarn from a previous scarf, a merino yarn from Sereknity.

I was actually planing to use it as a pendant but it got too big. Or maybe not - I´m not quite sure yet. It would be a great statement to wear.

I used 2.5 mm needles and will find some lace yarn and a lot smaller neddles for the next one.

Before joining Ravelry I would never have dreamed about knitting something like this.
But seeing all the projects there on this seahorse, I found out that anything is possible if you try it out.

Why do women tend to think that they can´t do a certain thing? Gosh, it´s really a waste of time and energy. I think I´ll rather use that energy in trying things out. This time it was a seahorse. Kahra has pattern for some turtles too - I may have a go. NOTHING is impossible!


  1. Super cute!

    Greetings from a fellow sea horse lover :-)

  2. Thank you Tori - I just love them more and more. And that´s because of your pattern!!!! Thank you!!!!

  3. Hej Lone,
    Er den bare sød eller hva`? Det kan være at du skulle prøve miniaturestrik, hvis du vil have den mindre. Jeg kender nogen der kender nogen der laver sådan noget. Kan ikke lige huske hvad hjemmesiden hedder, men det kan jeg evt finde ud af.
    Kh. Dorte

  4. Oh my goodness, this seahorse is just so much fun! I had a look at her Etsy shop--her designs are fabulous! They made me smile!

  5. Fantastic!!! I love him!! :)))

  6. Fantastic! So cute! You go girl ;o)

  7. Love, Love your sea horse!!!
    The colors are great, too.

  8. Hej Dorte - tak!!!! Har tænkt at man bare kan tage tynt garn og tynne pinde. Men er det det du mener??

  9. Thank you Debbie!!! Yes, she has some really fun projects. And they are not that hard to knit as I thought. Give it a go!!!

  10. Thank you Mary!!!

    Thank you Stacy - I need to make more!!

    Thank you LamoreAullure!!

  11. I love this little seahorse.
    You are so wonderful with your color choices and your knitting skills.
    I love the pieces you are doing lately.

  12. Thank you dear Marie - you made me blush... A big hug!!


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