Monday 14 November 2011

Scarf In Two Days

It was smoking hot needles, some yarn from the stash and a lot of fun. I made this in two days with blocking, adding tassels and all. And I´m so happy about the outcome of this.

I had this Manos del Uruguay yarn in my stash and found out that I would make a Baktus scarf with it.

I chose a double moss stitch - a way of letting the yarn speak for itself. I couldn´t understand what it said...

If you are inspired to make one too you can click your way to Ravelry. It´s very easy - and the pattern is free. What could be better?

Since the spinning and the colors are different in all the skeins (of the same batch) the scarf has two color schemes.

I used two skeins, and changed when half the Baktus was done.

I found some glass beads, made tassels and that made the scarf looks very nice. The yarn is so soft and warm. It´s satisfying to make something that is finished so fast. I don´t know why, but to knit a Baktus that looks good in such a short time is sort of amazing to me. Did I really knit this?

I´ve often thought that all that is great should take huge amount of hours. But that´s not the case. One don´t have to struggle for a very long time just to find a voice. It´s there just as it is.


  1. It's so pretty, I love the colour and texture and the tassels are just the perfect touch :-)
    And you're absolutely right, sometimes perfection can be achived in mere minutes.

  2. Thank you so much - it´s great isn´t it!!

  3. That is such a lovely scarf. I really like the colours in it and the shape and style....gorgeous:)

  4. Thank you Mary Ann. It´s really lovely to wear!!

  5. Kjempefint skjerf! Fargene, mønsteret og ikke minst duskene med perler var flott sammen. Det må jo være deilig å lage noe raskt etter skjerfet i innlegget under? Regner med at det tok "litt" mere tid? :)

  6. That scarf is lovely! So interesting and different.

  7. That is beautiful--so soft looking in both yarn and color!

  8. Hi Lone, your scarf is wonderful. I too am a fan of double moss stich. the colours are beautiful. You must be a very fast knitter .. !
    Greets, Rozemie

  9. Are you trying to brag Lone? LOL! Well, you should be! The scarf is amazing! Two days, I can't believe it!

  10. Tusen takk Vibeke!! Ja, jeg trengte noe som gikk litt fort...

    Thank you Norma!!

    Thank you Debbie - soft as butter!!

    Thank you Rozemie - depends depends... LOL

    Oh Stacy, I was thinking of giving myself a medal... LOL LOL!!!!

  11. I love the colours, the design and the stitches! So lovely and to have knitted it up in two days, amazing!!

  12. Det gikk jo fort, flinke du! Kjempefine farver, er så glad i Manos garnet for det er så mykt og deilig.

    Ha ei flott helg!

  13. Takk skal du ha Desiree!!! Manos er bare topp - skal prøve å få tak i mer av det!!

    Ha en herlig helg med dine nye krus!!


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