Sunday, 20 November 2011

When It Was Summer

When I finished this Baktus scarf in august it was still summer. Oh, how I love that time of year. But again, if it haven´t been for the winter I would need to knit in cotton. So there´s an upside to anything.

I love wool and the feel of it. Soft, warm and it comes in all colors. I must be a yarn freak. My brain is about to be very woollen and I´m afraid to soon be saying baa instead of talking... LOL!

This Baktus is knitted in yarn from Mad Color Fiber and is called Deep blue sea. It´s a merino sock yarn and it´s so soft and lovely to wear.

And the colors are amazing. I knitted some large beads and they makes the scarf looking better wearing. It´s about two meters long.

I still have some yarn left from the two skeins and some of it became a seahorse.

Have a lovely sunday - and keep dreaming of summer, deep blue sea and sunshine.


  1. Sweet summer, how I miss thee.
    The seahorse made of remnants is adorable.

  2. Thats the spirit! Ikke pive over en lang forestående vinter. Tænk hvis vi skulle strikke i bomuld eller, gys, slet ikke strikke overhovedet.
    Håber du har haft en dejlig weekend:-)
    Kh. Dorte

  3. Another beauty! The colors really do remind me of the deep blue sea! Of course, the sea horse is fabulous, too!

  4. Tak Dorte. Ja, det hjælper med lidt af det gode!! Ikke strikke - uhhh, det lyder som en forfærdelig gyser.... He he!!

  5. Everything is beautiful! I love the colors! Or should I say baaaa. LOL! The sea horse is too cute ;o)


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