Thursday, 24 November 2011

Some Wool Over The Rainbow

I love rainbows. All those colors shining in a perfect shape over the sky. They amazes me every time I see them. I can try to knit some of the magic into my stitches - but it will not work.

But again, there are some yarns that promise you a rainbow as you knit. This is one of them.

The beginning of the shawl.
This shawl is so soft and warm. The shawl is knitted from a german pattern which I manage to translate into norwegian. It´s all one knit (knitted from the back loop) and one purl. Simple as that.

It´s knitted on two sizes of needles - that´s what gives the special stitches.

I used interchangeable neddles with one 3.5mm needle on the one end, and one 9mm needle on the other end of the cable.

Sounds really strange to knit with, but after a couple of rows you won´t notice.

For this project I used the yarn Crystal palace Mini mochi. What I didn´t think about was: As the shawl got wider the rainbow became more like stripes. But that´s fine - it´s so lovely to wear. And the colors are lovely.

So here is my shawl, my cat and my own personal rainbow. And as Rachel Houston said:

When you reduce life to black and white, you never see rainbows


  1. Wishing you a rainbow of love! Thanks for sharing your latest creation.

  2. Stilig effekt! Jeg tror jommen jeg må ta en liten titt på det mønsteret, jeg og!

    Deilig med farger!

  3. Tusen takk - bare si ifra. Jeg har oversatt det til norsk!!

  4. You have captured the rainbow perfectly ;o)I love the picture of your cat and your shawl! Have a great day ;o)

  5. Thank you Stacy!! My cat loves wool....

  6. Skikkelige gladfarver! Så herlig!

    Ha en fin ny uke!

  7. Hello! I love your beautiful scarfs! I want to knit a new scarf but I need to finish some socks first ...
    Sunny wishes from Greece!

  8. Takk Desiree!! Ha det fint langt der nord!! Håper dere er ok etter all uværet!!

  9. Thank you Teje - just keep knitting!!! You´ll finish as you go. This is a quick knit.... Oh, how I would like some of that sun!!!

  10. Nydelige farger. Masse flott du har strikka. Klem Jofrid


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