Sunday, 18 December 2011

Knit Your Own Seahorse

Photo from Tori Seierstads blog.

In about 2 weeks there is a Knit Along (KAL) on Ravelry for these mittens designed by the norwegian knit designer Tori Seierstad. The pattern is free and a lot of knitters has tried it out, and are very pleased with both the result and the pattern. 

The KAL will start Desember 26th and there are no deadline. Just take your time. 

The pattern is in english, portuguese and french. To see more mittens click your way into Toris site on Ravelry. You can download the pattern from Toris blog or from Ravelry even if you´re not a member. 

I´m actually planing on joining my first KAL. I´m curious of how it will work knitting along with so many knitters all over the world. I find it really amazing - maybe I will see you there?

I´ve already knitted the seahorse into a sweater and a scarf and I get a lot of comments on them. It´s time for some mittens with the seahorse on. I already have the yarn in my stash: Kauni rainbow (what else...)

What could me more wonderful than to give christmas a rest with these mittens and swim along in the big pool of knitters online?

My sweater with the seahorse from the mitten pattern.


  1. Wow!! The sweater is fabulous!!! Of course to me, anything with a seahorse makes it all the more special! :)))

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    When I made this sea horse more than three years ago, I never dreamed it would become this popular.
    I'm happy if people find my blog, but did you know that you can download directly from Raverly even if you're not a member?

  3. Thank you Mary - I agree. Seahorses are fantastic in anything!!

  4. Thank you Tori!! I did not know that - thank you for telling me. I´ll add it in the post!! And you deserve to be popular for giving us this pattern. It´s just so wonderful!!

  5. The seahorse pattern is truly beautiful, but your work from that pattern is even more wondreous. I look forward to seeing your mittens, should you join the KAL.

  6. Amazing Lone!! Love the sweater and I love the mittens ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  7. Nu spørger jeg lige dumt: Er Kauni ikke en smule tyndt at strikke vanter i? Bliver de særlig varme? Men flotte er de:)

  8. Slet ikke dumt, Dorte. Nej det er som Finull som jeg er ved at strikke af. De trækker sig lidt sammen efter vask. Jeg synes de er gode og varme.


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