Thursday, 15 December 2011

Knitting Gone Nuts

So it is official: My knitting has gone nuts. I mean, it could not be me going nuts. Oh no, I´m perfectly fine. In spite of knitting red and turquoise acorns. Perfectly fine - hm.

Ok, I found this wonderful pattern for knitted acorns on Carmens blog and it takes only half an hour to knit one.

It is totally addictive, that must be the nut part. Or maybe the fact that I was going to use from my stash and ended up buying more yarn. And knitted more nuts. Nuts!!

These will end up on my christmas tree - and they works perfect as gift tags as well. Really decorative and cute - and nuts...

You can also check out my project on Ravelry and find links to other knitters acorn projects. You will go nuts about this.

These are knitted with the aran yarn Rauma Vamsegarn.

I knitted them with needles 4mm to get a good tight knit. When casting on and binding off I used extra long yarn tails.

I weaved the tails a little inside the nut, and the rest of the tail served as filling.

In that case there are not polyester filling showing through. And no yarn waste. It works perfect. I used mattress stitches to sew the pieces together.

Since I was little I have loved acorns. I think it is the shape of them. Or the fact that they wear crazy hats. They are just cute and a wonderful fruit of the oak.

So I´m so happy that I got a chance to knit them in whatever color I will. Still nuts after all these yarns. I think a little nuttiness is important so we can have some fun. And never loose the playing child inside. That´s what makes our soul sing.


  1. Lone, you have to open a little shop!!! I really love everything you make! These acorns are sooooo cute!!! Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Thank you FloRaeMe!!!

    Thank you Stacy. Hope you´re ok!! Hugs to you!!

  3. These are adorable; I love the colours!

  4. yes, these would be perfect as Christmas ornaments :-)

  5. I think the colorful acorns are such fun, Lone, and exactly what I would expect to see from you! I am enjoying surfing Ravelry, too! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. You are a very creative and unique 'nutty' knitter ! Keep up the colourful work, and enjoy the festive spirit. Greetings from Belgium,

  7. Thank you Debbie - so nice to hear your in Ravelry. Takes a lot of time I imagine.. LOL!!

  8. Thank you Rozemie - I will. I actually don´t think I´ll work if I don´t. LOL!! Hope you are ok in Belgium!!

  9. Lone,
    Loved reading this post. I got to giggling while reading it and that was exactly what I needed. Your acorns are so adorable. What a fun project.
    I'm off to get the pattern and give it a go. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  10. Thank you so much Karen!! I´m happy you had a good time here. Happy holidays to you and your family too!! And good luck with you going nuts!! LOL!!

  11. They are so cute! I can see them hanging in a kitchen window creating the christmas feeling.


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