Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I Won A Baby Crow

I am so lucky. When Theresa wrote an article about Stacy I took the chance and hoped to win one of the ACEOs that were up for a giveaway. And I won the baby crow "Spring Fairy Blessings". I was so surprised and happy about it.

And Stacy surprised me even more. I also received a card and another little print of her baby crow "Smile". It is so precious to get something made entirely by hand. It really is a treasure. The card with the cat on, holds words from Stacy that is most appreciated!!!

I have been following Stacy and her blog Magic Love Crow for some time. She always surprise me with her art and creativity.

And she has an amazing story. In 2007 she almost passed away and in 2009 she decided to paint. She paints crows in the most creative ways.

She tells her story about life in her crows and you can really see her appreciation of life in her art.

Thank you for being such a kind person and blog friend, Stacy. And thank you so much for your lovely giveaway and the gifts.

Read Theresas interview with Stacy or visit her blog. I promise you a smile and a brighter day.


  1. Stacy's art is always so sweet! I like the baby crow aceo that you won, as well as the "Smile" card!

  2. Yeh Lone ;o) I am so happy everything arrived safely ;o) I picked that cat card especially for you ;o) My babies look happy in your home, so I know you are taking care of them ;o) Big Hugs and enjoy the prizes ;o) Happy you won!!!

    1. Thank you Stacy. You really made me smile a lot. As you always do!! Big big hugs to you dear Stacy!!


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