Thursday, 12 April 2012

Green Is For Hope

And this time my hope is that I can manage not to knit another of these shawls. This is the fourth in the same yarn. And the tenth from the same pattern. I could not come up with a nice name for it. Just number ten.

Anyway, I like these shawls so much. Warm, soft and large.

Maybe a blue one - for next winter. I should wait until autumn before starting. Maybe, or not or whatever....

I moderated the pattern so I increase 4 stitches on each row after there are about 160 stitches on my needles.

That makes a wide wingspan and the shawl do not get too deep. As before this is knitted with interchangeable needles with a 10mm and a 4mm needle.

I love the pattern and the outcome of the shawls I knitted from the german pattern. I use them a lot.

Knitting should be fun and this is sure so much fun that I could not stop knitting them. All we knit is love and shawls.

The Stitch Story
Yarn: 6 skeins of Mitu and 2.5 skeins of Plum from Rauma
Needles: Interchangeable with one 4mm and one 10mm needle
Size: 235 x 64 cm
Other materials: Handmade glass beads, commercial beads
Ravelry linkNumber Ten

I have the jewelry to go with the shawl. Handmade pendant and ring in polymer clay. 


  1. Sikke en lækker farve du har strikket sjalet i og super smukke perler

    1. Tusind tak Gitte - ja, det var lidt spænnende med den farve. Men det blev faktisk fint!!

  2. beautiful as always - and i can see why you are attached to the pattern! your beads and jewelry are always inspiring...

  3. Jeg tror jammen et slikt skal få være med som togstrikk! Vi skal en snartur til Mandal snart, og skal ta toget i et døgn = må ha noe å henge fingrene i.

    1. Så utrolig gøy!!! Si ifra om du vil ha oppskriften!! Det hadde vært gøy med strikkekafé når du kommer - vet du når det blir??

  4. How cozy you must feel all wrapped in your shawl! It is beautiful, and I can see when you love making them. Of course, now you have to make polymer clay jewelry to go with all of them!!!

    1. Thank you Debbie - I know.... But yet a great excuse to make more jewelry... LOL!!

  5. Vakreste flaggermus-prosjekt jeg har sett!! <3
    Det er så herlig å se at du produserer og skaper, og jeg håper DET er bra på alle måter!;)

    Nydelige du :)

    KlemM med kjærlighet

    1. Tusen takk Marit Rakel - så utrolig koselig melding!!!!! Stor klem!!!

  6. Lone, you are one styling lady!! I truly love everything you make!! Keep going my friend ;o)

  7. I still love this shawl pattern, I think it's awesome :-)
    And the jewellery is... well just awesome too, the word become is so suitable
    Happy weekend!


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